Mediumship and Psychic sessions range from 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour as follows:

30 minute session $75.00

45 minute session $100.00 

1 hour session $150.00

Readings over the phone, facetime or on ZOOM must be paid prior to your reading, please click on the link above to purchase. 

Additional immediate family member are allowed at $60.00 with a limit of two additional people. I do offer group family or friends readings, they are detailed below under private events and parties.

What to expect at your reading and how to prepare:

I would suggest that prior to your session, if there is someone you are eager to connect to, please send a thought or a prayer to them in advance of your appointment. As a medium, I am in service to Spirit and cannot guarantee who will communicate with me during a particular reading but I will connect to as many as I can and share their messages with you. Try to keep an open mind and pay attention to the message that they bring with them.

I do offer a few minutes at the end of your reading to address any items that may not have come up or if you should need clarification. I strongly encourage all of my clients to make a list of questions prior to their reading so that nothing is forgotten. 

You may also bring an object that you own or an object of a loved one that is passed that you would like to connect with. A piece of jewelry, watch. Keys, etc., is best.

Private Events & Parties

Medium & Psychic in Home Parties


The readings are always done in a separate room because we wish everyone to have privacy and a quiet space where they can listen and absorb the information they receive.

The readings are 20 minutes for $60.00 and are a minimum of 6 -10 people.  


Gallery Parties


Marie will work in a group fashion in your home or meeting place for up to two hours. Group Sessions last no more than two hours. You may save time at the end of the session to ask Marie questions about life issues. She does not offer private one on one readings during group party because it will take time away from the others waiting for messages from the other side.

Group Parties are $60.00 per person 10-15 people.

*Please note: there is a $80.00 travel fee if your location is more than 40 miles one way from Blandon, Pa.  

Please note: Your mediumship reading is subject to your own interpretation. Contact with a specific spirit cannot be guaranteed. Information provided does not constitute business, financial, legal, medical, psychological or other professional advice. Each client is responsible for his or her own choices and/or actions. 

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