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Beginner Mediumship Level II

Allow your mediumship skills to build and unfold on this next step on your journey of your soul. 

Yoga teaching

This Mediumship Class is specifically designed for those who have already completed our level 1 class.


In this course, we will delve deeper into techniques and concepts that will help you connect with spirit more effectively. My focus is on creating a supportive and encouraging environment that fosters growth and development. If you are ready to take your mediumship abilities to the next level, this class is for you.

Registration is required and a ZOOM link is provided for you prior to class if you would like to participate online.

Private Facebook group for classwork and practice. This class is presented over two evenings. 

Cost: $279.00

November dates are Tuesday evenings-the November 7th and the 28th

6.30-8.00pm plus 3 practice circle nights 

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