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Book a Reading with Marie

Private Mediumship and Psychic sessions are available at variable times to address the needs of each client.   

In-person and Zoom Appointments are

$100.00 - 30 minutes 

$150.00 - 45 minutes

Family members are limited to two additional people at an additional charge of $60.00. 

Marie offers a unique service of mediumship readings that allow you to connect with those who have passed away. With her intuitive and compassionate nature, Marie has the ability to connect you with the spirit of your loved ones. She works to provide you with messages of love and comfort which will help you to heal, grow, and move forward. It's important to note that while you may have a specific list of people you want to connect with, Marie relies solely on the world of the spirit. There's no guarantee that you will connect with a particular loved one in spirit, but Marie will do her best to provide you with the healing you need from the world of spirit. We invite you to book a session today and explore the possibilities of connecting to the other side.

Life can be chaotic and confusing, and Marie can provide guidance and clarity. For close to 20 years, She has been offering psychic readings to help people gain insight into their lives and find the answers to their toughest questions.
Marie's readings are tailored to the individual and focus on thier life, circumstances, and goals. Using her intuition and psychic abilities to help you discover your path and find validation for your decisions.

Please note that psychic readings do not involve connecting with the spirit world. However, if you are searching for answers and clarity, We invite you to book a session today!

In a Psychic Mediumship reading, Marie connects to both the spirit world and focus on areas of your life. As a spiritual medium, Marie remain in service to Spirit and can not guarantee who will communicate with her during a session. However, She will connect to your loved ones, your guides and inspires available and share their messages with you.


These sessions are a powerful and insightful way to gain clarity. They are an intuitive exploration of your present situation and can provide insight into the past, present, and future. We invite you to embrace your soul's journey and book a session today!

Please note: Your session and reading is subject to your own interpretation. Information provided does not constitute business, financial, legal, medical, psychological, or other professional advice and is for entertainment purposes only.  Each client is responsible for their own choices and/or actions. 

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