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Fundementals of Spirit

Mediumship the Mavis Pittilla Way

The Fundamentals of Mediumship based on Mavis Pittilla's

Teaching and Philosophy


"Mediumship is pure like the snowdrop

which is never any color but white."

Mavis Pittilla

Is this for me?
  • You have moments of spirit connections sporadically during your life, often after a passing of a loved one or traumatic life event

  • You are naturally intuitive or empathic and able to pick up information

  • You have visions or dreams only to write them off as coincidence

  • You’ve had past mediumship training but currently not growing

What this workshop provides: 
  • An understanding of psychic and mediumship abilities and how it work for you

  • Understanding the Spirit World and the development of your clairs(voyance, audience, cognizance and sentience)

  • How to control and utilize your abilities

  • Practice these skills in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment

Marie is one of only a handful of mediums who have been authorized by the late wonderful UK medium, Mavis Pittilla the “Grand Dame” of British Mediumship to teach the Mavis Way.

Marie having spent several years with Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else exclusively in their mentorships, master classes, and teaching program in the U.S. and England. She is honored to present their classes and be part of Mavis Pittilla’s legacy.


Marie strives to empower her students so they may unfold and develop to their fullest potential. In service to Spirit, Marie remains serious about the faculties of mediumship and honors the responsibility to the Spirit World and their loved ones here.

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"Mediumship is a gift that heals two worlds." - Mavis Pittilla

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