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Soul Space Personal Mediumship

Are you looking to connect with your own loved ones, guides, and inspires but have no intention of doing professional mediumship? Then this class is perfect for you!

Discover how easy and simple the process is of connecting to your loved ones, guides, and inspires is!

 No prior experience connecting with Higher Consciousness is necessary. 

  • Connect with loved ones who have passed to the spirit world

  • Establish and build a closer relationship with your spirit guides

  • Learn about the world of the spirit and who you are as a soul

  • Discover your own architect's plan for your life purpose

Registration is required and a ZOOM link is provided for you prior to class if you would like to participate online. Private Facebook group for classwork and practice. 

This class is presented over two evenings.

NEXT CLASS VIA ZOOM  together with a private Facebook group for practice. 

Cost: $ 111.00

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